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The procedure to download Play Store app. It is pretty well to self exploring about Google Play Store free. It comes with the APK format like other Android applications. There is some caution while downloading the APK file.

  1. You need to download Google Play Store APK from reliable web sources only. In case, if you have downloaded it from any tampered source then it will be poke to your device security. Most of the source is responsible to affect the devices with malware like threats. Therefore, download APK from the Google authenticated sites like Android blogs, tech blogs or any trusted people etc.
  2. One the different way, you can download it with another device and later can install on your own device by transferring it. If you have downloaded that APK in your desktop, make sure that, you have transferred from a saved source.

Prepare your phone before transferring

Most of the devices don’t enable to receive any external files from other sources. In this regard, you need to first change the setting. When disabled it prevents users from installing applications from different sources. This is one of the security measures that are being imposed by default and you have to enable it. To enable it just follow these steps.

  • Go to device setting.
  • Tap on security.
  • Check the box where it is written that “Allow files from unknown sources”.
  • After check in, a warning will pop up and you should read it.
  • Once done, tap on “OK” and now your device is ready to receive APK files from any other sources.
  • If you are not getting the unknown source in your setting, you can find it from privacy settings.

Use a file manager to install Google Play Store

Now it is clear that, install this thing. In order to install that, follow these steps.

  • Open your file browser and search wherever you have saved Google Play Store APK. If you have downloaded it, surely you’ll find that on SD card in download folder.
  • After locating APK, click on it. There is probably a pop box will come asking which app you want to use. If you want to use a package installer, just click on it.
  • After clicking install, it will lead to another screen. Read over any permission changes, and then tap on installing. It will take a couple of minutes and then you’ll find Google Play Store has installed on your device.

After finishing installation of Google Play Store, now time to disable unknown source box. According to experts, this is one of the biggest loopholes that may create various security concerns in the future. So it will be best to turn that off.

  • Return to setting in your device.
  • Go to security setting or privacy setting.

Now uncheck the box. After unchecking now your device is secure from outside threats. While there is any requirement of such type of action later, you can repeat the latter action. This type process is applicable in all most all devices. So while you are going to install Play Store, all these things should be followed.

How to download Google Play Store for PC?

Maximum users want to see their games or eBooks on larger screens. PCs are perfect to fulfill their desires. In order to download Google Play Store on PC, there are various ways available. It is true that, Google Play Store comes with APK file, but PC can’t recognize the APK file rather it only can trace exe files. In order to perform this action, an Android emulator is needed and that should be downloaded prior. This Android emulator helps to detect and install whatever APK file you have downloaded. BlueStacks is one of the emulator that uses Android on your PC, laptops or tablets.

In order locate APK file first download BluStacks Android Emulator to your PC. It is very simple. To download this, just type the same key word at your browser and you will get a bunch of links those are offering BlueStasks. Its 2.0 version is latest. It comes with various cool features and makes the Play Store download simpler. First install this app and then you can get a number of app lists. From those lists click on the Google Play Store. Sometime it asks for which operating system you are using for. Enter it and now you can download Google Play Store without much hassle on your PC. While using, it will ask your Google account because this is a genuine Google product. First login with your Google account and then enjoy the seamless facilities that Google Play Store provides.

How to update Play Store?

Like different apps, Google Play Store also needed update in between. Its updated version will allow more features and latest apps for the users. This is the reason for which you need to update your Google Play Store.

Before going to update Google Play Store, check the current version. It is important that you should know which version you are going to update.

You can check your current version by following these steps.

  • First open your Play Store App.
  • Go to setting.
  • At the bottom, there are some numbers will visible. This is your current version.

If you came to know that the version you are using, it is outdated, you need to update that. Android is always compatible with latest version. This is the reason; it is not a problem at all to while updating. After updating, you’ll able to avail latest features of Google and also it helps to improve stability. Follow these steps if you want to update your Google Play Store.

  • First unlock your device.
  • Go to Google Play Store App. This is visible with its logo, which is like a tiny shopping bag. Now open the app.
  • Now you have to check the updates available for your Google Play Store app.
  • A swipe from left to right on your device display.
  • A slide out menu will appear. In such scenario, you can directly hit the side-menu dedicated button which is known as the left of “Google Play” in the apps search bar.
  • After getting the app, now scroll down in the settings.
  • Go down to the bottom of setting screen until you are reaching at the “About” section. This is the point, where you will meet the Play Store version of your device. To check it is updated or not, just tap any place of the Play Store version.
  • There will show which update is available. The Google Play Store app will automatically let you know about your Google Play Store is updated. If there is any update is required, it will be downloaded automatically.
  • While you’ll be going through all these steps will make you sure that your device running Android features and that is the latest version of Google Play Store.

What are the benefits and functions of Play Store?

Google Play Store not only provides useful apps, but this is the platform where anyone can easily get eBooks, Games, different types of audio video clips and many more. This is the basic reason for which all most all smart phone users want to Google Play Store on their devices. There are a number of tips can Android users can be derived that help them to manage the setting and configurations of the mobiles by which they will able to download better and managing other options.

Suppose, you have small children in your home and restricting purchasing feature will helpful to bar them from unnecessary downloading. Simple children are curious and they can misuse this app. It also renders the Google wallet more secure. If your device is used by more than one user, then this feature will really help you to stay away from unnecessary downloads. To enable the restriction feature, you need to go to Google Play Store setting and select the password you want.

Google Play Store is well protected from toddlers and it is famous for its feature to allow mature individuals. Adult humor, different types of violence, even gambling factors are determining the maturity level of the user. If you don’t want to show your actions to any other children, simply they can be filtered by title of the content of Google Play Store setting. To avail such service, you need to only select the content filtering option and choose the right maturity level.

These are some of the benefits that Google Play Store provides to its users. This is the reason there are billions of users around the world are now using this app in their devices.

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