Play Store Download for Chromebook

The latest version of Chromebooks comes with Google Play Store apps installed in it. If not, you can install the Play Store and the Android apps on your Chromebook if you are using a Chromebook OS version 53 or more.

Activating the Chrome OS Developer Channel

To access Google Play Store, you need to use one of the supported Chromebooks that allows you to switch to Chrome developer OS channel. This is not a difficult procedure. The main thing here is that you need to know where to find that option. One thing to note here is that the Chrome OS developer channel will start to test some of the new features on the Chromebook. This means that you might face some issues on your Chrome book from time to time.

The following up the steps to switch to the developer channel on the Chromebook operating system.

  • Switch on your Chrome Book and then unlock the Chromebook.
  • You will see your image in the bottom right corner on the screen. Click on the image.
  • There will be a few options that pop up on the screen. Locate the Settings option and tap on it.
  • In the Settings option to scroll up and down to look for the about Chrome OS option and select it.
  • There will be a few options that you will see on the screen when you just the Chrome OS option. There will be a link that reads “More info…” select this option. Or tap on it.
  • Now you will see more options to come up on the screen. You will see a change channel option also in the more options section. Click on it.
  • In the options that come up on the change channel section, you should look for the ‘developer- unstable’ option and tap on it.
  • There will be a warning that you come up on the screen. Read the morning and then press the Change Channel option.
  • Please give the Chromebook the time to do what it wants to do. After it does its thing, the Chromebook will reboot and now you have to switch to the developer channel on your Chromebook.

Enabling the Google Play Store app

Even if the Chromebook that you are using runs on version 53, you will not be able to find the Google Play Store on the screen. This app has to be enabled for you to use it. The following is the procedure to enable the Google Play Store on the Chromebook OS.

  • Switch on the Chromebook and then open your Chromebook main account.
  • Locate your image on the bottom right corner of the Chromebook screen and tap on it.
  • You will so a few options come up on the screen. Please choose the Settings option.
  • Scroll the settings option to see the Android apps option. Once you locate the Android apps, you will see “Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook” option. Click on the checkbox next to this option.
  • The next option that you will see in a new window is the Get Started option. Tap on it.
  • Now you will find the terms and conditions to show up on the screen. Read it and then agree to it.
  • After the upgrade, you will now be seeing the Google play store app on your screen.

You can now access all the apps that are offered by the Google Play Store. You need to login to enjoy all the apps.

Login to Google Play Store account

It is important that you log into your Google Play Store account in order to access the apps on offer on your Chromebook for the first time. The logging into your Google Play Store account is similar to how you do on an Android device.

  • Go to the apps section of the Chromebook and locate the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap on this app. You will be taken to play store account sign-in page.
  • Here, in the username option, you will have to enter your Gmail email address and under the password section please enter its corresponding password.
  • After you have entered the password and the email address correctly tap on the sign in option.
  • You will now be taken to the Google Play Store home page. Here, you will find a lot of apps on offer.

Download and install Android apps on Chromebook

The process to download and install Android apps on the Chromebook is similar to how you do when using the Android device. The play store app on the Chromebook will be formatted in an Android table style. All the Android apps will work on a similar pattern. It will take on the tablet user interface of the Chromebook. For this to happen the developer has to be enabled.

The following is the procedure to download and install the Android apps on the Chromebook.

  • Once you have the Play Store open on your Chromebook you need to locate the app that you want to download on your system.
  • After you have found the app, tap on it or click on its entry.
  • You will find the details of the app come up on the screen. There will be an install option that you see on the page.
  • Tap on this install button, the app will first download and then it will automatically get installed on your phone.
  • The app might pause in between the installation and ask for authorization n to carry on the installation. If this is the case, then you should accept the request.
  • Once the authorization is given, the app will again resume the download and installation process on the Chromebook.
  • After the app has been installed on your Chromebook, you can find that app in the Chrome OS apps tray.
  • Locate the downloaded app and tap on the icon to run the application on the Chromebook.

Now, all your favorite apps that you loved using on your Android phone can now be used on the Chromebook as well.

How to find and download the apps on Chromebook?

The process to download the apps from the Google Play Store on Chromebook is similar to how you do it when you use the Android devices.

  • Open the Google play store app that you have on your Chromebook by tapping on it.
  • When you are in the Google Play Store app, look for the search option at the top of the screen.
  • You can type the keywords of the app that you are looking for and click the search icon.
  • The list of apps related to the keyword will be displayed on the screen.
  • Tap on the app that you are looking for and then you will be directed to the apps main page.
  • If the app you are looking for has a free one, you just need to tap on the install option to get it downloaded on the Chromebook.
  • If the requested app is a paid one, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment for the same and then get access to the content.

Google Play Store offers you a wide variety of payment methods that you can choose by pressing the down arrow. If you are using the payment method for the first time, the payment method you have chosen will be added to your Google account. By doing so, you do not have to enter the payment details every time you purchase the paid app from the Google Play Store.

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