Play Store Download for Blackberry

When you have the Google Play Store installed on your Blackberry device, you will be able to download and install any Android apps on it and also will be able to update them.


  • To install Play Store on Blackberry, you will need Blackberry 10 devices with an operating system of 10.3 or later.

The procedure for installing Google Play Store to Blackberry is given below

  • First, go to the settings in the device and look for the App manager. Locate this and then tap on it.
  • From App manager, choose the option “installing Apps”.
  • Turn on the option”allow the apps from other sources to be installed”.

When you turn on the option “allow apps from other sources to be installed” you will be able to install the applications from sources other than Blackberry World app store and Amazon app store. When this option is turned off it is not possible to install applications from outside sources.

  • Open the browser of your choice and download Google Play settings APK for Blackberry.
  • Open the downloaded file and click “install” option.
  • Now open the browser and download the Google account manager APK.
  • Open the downloaded file and press “install” option.
  • After installation, open the Google account manager and sign in to the Google account using your Google credentials. You can use your existing Google account or you can create a new account to sign in.

When you have successfully signed in to your account the app will automatically get minimized. You can see your Google play account in the settings of your Blackberry device. Go to settings option, select “accounts” and then “third party accounts” to see the Google account.

  • Once the sign in is completed, exit from the Google account manager and download the Blackberry Google ID APK file.
  • Open Google ID APK file and click “Install” button.
  • You can register your Blackberry device using the Google ID by clicking “Register This Device”.

If you have successfully registered the Blackberry device with a Google ID you can see the message “registration complete” on your device screen. You will be directed to close the app and launch play store.

  • The final step is downloading and installing the Google play store file.

This will complete the process of installing Play Store for Blackberry. Now you will have easy access to Google Play Store using your Blackberry device. You will be able to download the apps, purchase the apps and update them using your Blackberry phone. However, you should keep in mind that Blackberry will not support every app available on Play Store. It is necessary that you install Google account manager, Blackberry Google ID and Google Play Store apps for your Blackberry to make Google Play Store work on the device.

Features of Play Store

Play Store offers various browsing or downloading features, purchasing features and other features for the users.

Downloading features

  • When Play Store is installed on your device, you can download different apps, games, books, movies, and music.
  • You can automatically download and install game files.
  • You will be able to download free and purchased APK files and store them in device or downloads folder.

Purchasing features

  • You can buy different apps, music, and movies directly from Play Store using Blackberry device.
  • You can use different payment methods such as credit card, PayPal or prepaid cards for purchasing items from Play Store.
  • You can get support from Play Store for paid monthly, yearly or other subscriptions.
  • Support is provided by the Play Store app for purchasing in–app.
  • You can get refunds for paid apps if developer support is available in the app.

Other important features

  • Blackberry hub notifications are available for updates of apps.
  • You can rate and comment the downloaded apps from Play Store.
  • Google offers multi-language support for users of Play Store.
  • It is possible to view, clear or edit the app download history.
  • You can create a wish list for adding apps and download them later according to your preference.

What to do when Play Store is crashing?

Sometimes your Blackberry 10 device will show the message that “unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped”. This indicates that Play Store has crashed and you need to get the Play Store updated to make it run again on your device. Updating the new version of Play store on the existing version will not work. The steps to fix crashing, error of Blackberry is as follows

  • If you have the Google Play Store version already installed, uninstall the version currently in use.
  • To uninstall the present version, touch and hold the Google Play Store icon on the device and then press the trash can icon.
  • If you press the delete button on your screen the application and all the files and information associated with Play Store will get deleted.

To make Play Store run on your device again, follow the below given steps.

  • Download the updated Play Store APK.
  • Open the downloaded file and install it by clicking the “install” button.
  • You can see that updated version of Play Storeis installed on your device.
  • Once the new version is installed, run the Play Store as you did before.

Once you have the updated the Google Play Store to the latest version there is very less chance of getting it crashed. You can install Google Play Store on Blackberry devices such as the Q5, Q10, Z3, Z10, Z30, classic, passport, Leap, etc. Once you have the Play Store downloaded and installed on your Blackberry device, you can use them like an Android phone to download and as well as to purchase the apps.

Problems in login

Sometimes the Blackberry user will find that they are not able to login to the Play Store using the Google account manager. First, you need to check whether you have entered the password correctly. If you are sure that the password given is right, and then follow the procedure given below

  • First turn off the two-step verification of the Google account by going to the Google account settings.
  • Now enter the password for your Google mail to log into the Play Store.

Turning off two-step verification and using Google mail password is the easiest way to overcome the login problem. If you are particular about using the 2-step verification with your Google Play Store account, create an app specific password for the login and use this password to login to the account.

How to deal with error message while retrieving information?

Sometimes the Blackberry user may see error messages while trying to retrieve information from the Google server. This error message occurs when Google makes some changes in their servers and the Play Store app is not able to sync properly with these changes. This error is common on Android devices as well.

  • The first step to fix this problem is to go to Blackberry device settings.
  • Select app manager and then device monitor and storage and finally Play Store and select “Clear Data” option.

This will fix the problem of the error message. When you are using Play Store you don’t have to worry about your data or money getting transferred to anywhere except to the Google servers. So you can easily download the apps, or purchase the apps very safe way according to your app needs.

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