Google Play Store

At the present time, there is more than a billion users use Google Play Store in their respective devices. Needless to mention, this is the highest used app among all around the globe. This is the platform where anyone can find his desired apps, games, eBooks, music and video files. Most of the apps are free and secure to download and they are authenticated by Google.

Google Play Store is the certified product from Google and it runs by default on android OS devices. At the present time, it is being used extensively in different phones, tablets and in televisions also.  From the developer angel, this application provides the extreme potential to the users. According to experts, in order to run this app successfully in your device, it should tolerate some extra features and should provide a flexible user interface which adopts various screen configurations.

Play Store in different devices

In order to properly run on different devices, Android provides a different framework in which you can easily provide configuration centric app resources in static files. After such action, Android loads appropriate resources those are based on current devices. Eyeing to make the Google Play Store compatible with different devices, developers have developed a single application package that will suitable in different devices.

While necessary, such type of specific features requirement and control that type of devices can easily be installed on your app from Google Play Store. Not only has it run on Android OS devices, but it also used hugely in different devices those are running through different Operating Systems. Its growing popularity will get you access in the device you want. There will be no restriction.

Play Store for Nokia

Nokia is known as the top most mobile brand in the world. It had founded almost 150 before and it has given people wide different types of cell phones and smart phone. Initially and even some of Nokia phones are run through the Symbian Operating System. This system has been developed by Nokia. It was on the same OS before merging with Microsoft. After collaboration, Microsoft has launched its new Windows OS for mobiles. Most of the Nokia Lumia series phones are running through Windows OS.

Features of Nokia phones

Nokia smart phones are studded with a number of cool features those make them worthy to purchase. There are some features mentioned below.

  • Most of the Nokia phones come with scratch resistance glasses over there. Also, those glasses are unbreakable and provide security while there is any accidental slip from the hand.
  • All phones have high picture quality and proper resolution, which is enough to experience pictures in HD quality.
  • All most all Nokia smart phones come with Snapdragon processor that gives proper speed and different functions at the same time. This can be realized well, while a user is playing his favorite game.

All these features make the Nokia a worthy mobile phone to own. This is the reason for which having the Google Play Store in these phones will helpful in order to use different types of Android apps. As the Google Play Store is developed to run on Android OS and Nokia is running through Symbian or Windows compatible version, for this reason, to install Plays Store, someone needs to install additional apps before it.

Emulator for Nokia phones

The emulator should be installed before going for downloading Google Play Store in Nokia Phone. For this, first log into Nokia phone and check for application manager program. In folder, you will get the Android simulator app. After locating now download the file and install it. Make sure that, you have downloaded it from trusted sources. After installation now you can start downloading Android apps for your phone.

Now download Google Play Store to your Nokia phone

After successful installation of emulator, now you can download Android apps on your Nokia phone. Google Play Store is the finest app that should be downloaded to emulator program. It will allow you to install various apps, games, eBooks, music and video files on your phone. All most all desired apps can be found from Google Play Store. After the apps are located, you can download them to your Nokia phone.

Play Store for tablet

Tablets, those are running through Android OS, Google Play Store is by default available there. On the off chance, if you found that your tablet is out of Play Store, you can download it from other sources. There is little reason for why Google Play Store is not preinstalled. If your tablet is purchased from China with very cheap price, it is a good chance that the device is cloned. Sometimes second hand tablets don’t have such apps. This is one of the Google certified products like Gmail; hang out so it is possible to be installed prior. If not, then you can install it in another way.

Before downloading Google Play Store, check out which Android version in your tablet is. Your tablet should be running through latest Android version or minimum Android 2.3 to install Play Store.  You can check the Android version under your setting and after confirmation, you can install Play Store.

To allow Google Play Store APK file from other sources, you need to change your phone’s security setting. To do that,

  • Go to device setting.
  • Tap on security setting.
  • You will find a check box that mentions allow files from unknown devices.
  • Tap on it and it will show a warning. After showing hit on OK.
  • Now your device is completely ready to receive files from unknown devices.

Now you have to transfer APK file from another device to your own tablet and install that.

How to open and access Google Play Store?

It is well known that Google Play Store is loaded with useful apps and if you have an Android OS on your device, then Google Play Store would be pre-installed. First time users may be confused on its functions, but once they hung on, all these things will go simple. In order to access all the advantages of Play Store, you need a Google account. Plus, if you want to purchase high quality games, apps, songs or eBooks, you need have to pay for them.

Google account is essential

Make sure that you have already a Google account. While you are initially going to access the Play Store, it needs Google account. On the off chance, if you don’t have any Google account, you have to create one. This is important because. All Google functions are conducted by Google account. Before downloading anything, it will be better first create a Google account and it will appear on sign up page of Gmail.

  • In most of the Android devices the Play Store icon would be located on the home screen.
  • Now select the Google Play Store icon. To find it, you are probably roaming through various pages, it will be labeled as Play Store and you can easily locate it from its icon which is like a shopping bag.
  • If you have already logged into your Google account, there is no need to login twice. But if this is your first time, then it will ask to login.
  • Some people have multiple accounts, to deal with them, click on “Menu” icon and scroll down to the username. Click on the down arrow, it will show you different accounts now you can choose on the right email id which you want to use with your Play Store account.
  • To add a secondary account in your Play Store account, first select accounts, then scroll down to Add account, it will show various accounts in the list but you should choose Google for them. While alternating, you can easily repeat this same process. One thing is to keep in mind that, if you have made any purchase in your one account, it is not transferable to different account.

How to up and download apps in Google Play Store?

Now the time is to know how to download apps or any other things from Google Play Store?

  • First, you need to choose the category you want to get your apps. Mainly there are three categories in Google Play Store. These are Apps, Games and Entertainment. You will find all types of apps and games from the first two categories respectively. If you are searching for any entertainment related materials like audio and video files, then you’ll get from third category.
  • People, those love to watch Movies, Google Play Store Movies are the great option for them.
  • Google Play Music is also another boon for music lovers. On the same course, people love those books; they also find Google Play Books as the great place for book lovers. It allows people to read directly on in Google Play or can download them for reading offline later.
  • It also added newly news that allows you to read latest newspapers.

While someone wants to search for specific products, you can search them top of your page and you will see a search bar. Here you can type which product you want. While you are searching anything, that result will come extracting from different categories. Users need not have to enter their specific category.

  • After viewing your desire product on screen, just click on it.
  • In Google Play Store, some apps are free and some others need a few bucks.
  • If you have a product on your device already, you don’t need to download that again, you just have to update that.

Now question is that, how to purchase or rent books or movies?

  • Entertainment category helps to get these things on your own. It works same as the Apps and Games category, but you will get more options including trials and samples.
  • In Google Play Movies, you will see an option to purchase the movie. If you don’t like to purchase the entire movie, you can rent that with smaller fee. At different times, you will have an option to view that movie in SD or HD.
  • In Google Play Music, a user is able to download free trial or purchase the soundtrack he wants.
  • Google Play Books also make you available with loads of books which you can read with little fee.

Play Store for iOS download

At the present time, not any application rather than Google Play Store provides user friendly features. No matter whether you have owned an Apple iPhone or Android phone, Google Play Store must be there. On Android phones, it’s available by default, but in iOS devices, it needs to be downloaded separately. In order to download in normal phone, follow these steps.

  • Go to setting option on your device and scroll down for the secured option.
  • Open the security menu and choose the option of unknown sources.
  • By enabling this option, you will able to receive files from unknown devices.
  • Search the latest version of Play Store app available for your device.
  • Now choose a trusted source and download the Google Play Store APK file.
  • After downloading the APK, now click on the notification option on the downloaded file.
  • There will be two warnings. One is to change system programs and second warning is about installing app from third party.
  • It will ask whether, you agree or not, hit one agree button.
  • Now it will show you to Google Play Store app.
  • Tap on the Play Store icon and now your Play Store is installed and ready to use.

How to install Google Play Store for iOS?

Above steps were to install Google Play Store in Android smart phones. If you are an iPhone owner and you realize that, Google Play Store has something more than the iPhone, you can install Google Play Store on your iPhone. Then you’ll be able to get all the advantage in your iPhone that an Android phone gets.

Following these steps will allow you to install Google Play Store on your iOS phone.

  • The iPhone should run through iOS. This is much more necessary to get the Play Store download free.
  • You need to choose the proper platform of the iPhone, which will work on your device. In this regard, download the Google Play Store APK from authenticated sources to avoid future risks.
  • Before installing Google Play Store, you need to install bootlace and Cydia app. After installation of these apps, now launch Cydia app from the home screen and then tap the manage button and that will appear by option of sources, Now click the edit option and add that.
  • Type Cydia web address and install it. Then bootlace also does the same.
  • Now, after the installation process, run bootlace and reboot the iPhone. It will restart again after sometime.
  • After restart, now install the iDroid by opening iBoot. It will take a couple of seconds to install.
  • iDroid is known as the Android OS for the iPhone. Stay some time while idroid downloading is completed.

Play Store APK download

All most all the recent versions of Android smart phones come with all certified Google products like Gmail, YouTube, Music Player, Play Store and many more. It is true that, a user gets more hassle while he goes to download any app from any sources. In such scenario, Google Play Store is the right app where someone can download his desire app following simple steps.

These are the steps by which you can download Play Store APK.

  • Before going to download APK, make sure that, your device has stable data connectivity.
  • Open the browser and type Google Play Store in the search bar.
  • Within a couple of seconds, a bunch of sources will be shown and choose the trusted one.
  • Download the APK file from the trusted source to your Android device or PC. If you have downloaded to your PC, then make sure that, it’ll transfer to your own device.
  • After transfer to your own device, now locate and tap.
  • Within some time it will be installed.
  • For a better experience, now reboot your phone.
  • After restarting, now you can see Google Play Store app on your home screen.
  • Tap on it for browsing any app or games.
  • It will ask to enter your Google account. Enter it now and enjoy the seamless service from Google Play Store.

Play Store games

Google Play Store is not only the platform for apps rather it is loaded with different type of games those are can be downloaded and installed easily. The first new section is comprised for Android excellence games. It always includes different type of games starting from puzzle and different action strategy to shooting. Such type of apps doesn’t always appear in any type of designated order or different quality, but there are some specific turn-based strategy is available. RPG Fire Emblem Heroes is one of them. At the present time, this game is known as the highest grossing game in the Google Play Store’s category. It allows users to play without purchasing any. This game is studded with 4.6 rating and there are addictive combat with proper mechanisms along with high replay value.

Noodlecake Studies Lumino City is another game which has a 4.7 point rating in Google Play Store. It is an adventure game and it features different styles are those developed by using latest technique of cinematography. Lumino City has also its own substantial collection of different awards for its wide variety of arts and playing game techniques. Under the section of Google’s Android Excellence Games, there are sixteen titles and are available in free for the maximum $4.99. These are pretty much soothing that all should try at least.

Get free card in Play Store

At the present time, there are a number of tools are used to generate Google gift code cards. These are certain type of codes those sent to your account once you have finished purchasing Google Play Gift card. There is simple process available to purchasing these cards. There are a number of ways available to get a free card in Play Store. From various ways, there are some, mentioned bellow.

  • Opinion rewards

You can register your name into the Google Opinion Rewards program, this is one of the easiest ways to earn free card. You all need to do only participate in the survey that Google survey team has sent you. Initially, you will earn $1 for each survey. There are chances to complete survey several times in a week and it completely depends on how many surveys available per week. In this way, you can earn several bucks in a week.

  • Swagbucks

Most of the internet users love to use Swagbucks. This is known as the most popular prize portal on the web and that allows you to win several points by participating in surveys. This is so popular because, you don’t need any smart phone to participate in these surveys and you can easily earn several Google Play Store Gifts free without using your smart phone. As there are different reclaim options available in Swagbucks reward store, you can get $60 with the exchange rate of 6,000 points. Apart from, there are several options available by which you can get Google Play Store free gist cards.

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